The gardener himself: how to grow a homemade flower

The gardener himself: how to grow a homemade flower

Many people like to decorate their homes with indoor flowers, because with the help of plants it is easy to create a cozy and beautiful environment. However, to become a successful florist, you need to know some tricks.

Despite the popularity of indoor plants, not everyone knows how to grow a flower correctly. Experienced flower growers are convinced that this is a difficult skill that requires patience and attention to detail. Today we will tell you how to grow potted flowers for your home.

How to grow flowers at home
Healing Centenary, bright violets, exotic palms – indoor plants delight the eye, decorate the house and have many useful properties. For example, aloe juice is used in preparation of anti-inflammatory and wound-healing remedies, as well as for moisturizing skin and hair. There are many factors to consider for plant breeding. We tell you how to properly grow indoor flowers.

Soil .
Soil is one of the most important factors in breeding domestic plants. First of all, you should not leave a flower in the same soil in which it was sold, as this soil is poor in minerals and is only suitable for transportation.

Experts advise to choose mixtures with loose structure. This soil is air-permeable and retains water, which means that the roots of the plant will be constantly and in sufficient quantity supplied with oxygen and moisture.

Changing the soil in the pot is recommended on average every two years. Usually, after this period, the soil is depleted and the room flower does not receive the necessary food. In some large plants only the topsoil layer can be changed.

Cultivation conditions
When breeding plants, the level of humidity and lighting in the room must be taken into account. The optimal temperature is 18-22 degrees. Position the flowers in sufficiently lit areas, but not in direct sunlight.

In winter, most indoor plants need extra light. You can create this with fluorescent lamps, gas lamps, incandescent lamps and LEDs. Experienced florists emphasise the importance of alternating day and night cycles for the plants, so the lights should not work all the time.

The shops offer a wide range of fertilizers. They can be nitrogen, potassium, phosphate and complex. Nitrogen fertilizers are applied in spring and summer during the active vegetation period. Potassium and phosphate fertilizers are ideal for feeding flowering species. Complex fertilizers are suitable for most plants. In winter it is better for room flowers to provide a period of rest and not to use fertilisers.

Watering Mode
A general rule for flower growers is to water the plants when the soil is dry. There are, however, some subtleties. Palms, for example, do not need much moisture. This also applies to cacti – you should water them 1-2 times a week. Exotic flowers are better watered 2-3 times a week. It is also useful to water the plants with water from the sprayer.

The gardener himself: how to grow a homemade flower

How do you grow a rose from a flower
A presented bouquet can extend life by planting a rose in the soil. For this you will need roses with strong stems, buds, fresh leaves and flowers. Plants should not stay in the vase longer than 24 hours before planting. Here is an instruction on how to grow a rose from a cut flower.

Take a pruning shear or knife and disinfect it with an antiseptic. Remove buds from the roses and cut the stems into pieces 15-30 centimetres long.
Dilute the growth stimulant in water and place the cuttings so that the water covers them by one-third. Leave it for 6 hours.
Next you’ll need a seedling container. Pour drainage into it, and then soil it.
Make a small hole in the soil and plant the cuttings there, leaving the top bud above the ground. Fill the soil.
Cover the container with a film to create a greenhouse climate. You can wait for the first escape in about a month. When he’s strong, it’s time to transplant the stalk into the open ground.
How do you grow a flower from a cut flower
There are several ways to get a flowering potted plant. One of them is to germinate it in water. Cut the cuttings in the flower as described earlier. Then leave it in water for two weeks by changing the liquid once a day. As soon as the roots are present, the plant can be transplanted into the ground. When the first buds have germinated, they should be removed so that the plant can grow stronger.

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