Preparing for the SHSAT test. What is the shsat.

Reading. In this section we will come across excerpts of artworks, publicist and scientific articles. We will not need any special knowledge to understand them. Rather, the skills are tested here: the speed of reading the English text, the depth of its understanding, the ability to read between lines.

Preparing for the SHSAT test. What is the shsat.

It is impossible to prepare for it quickly. You need to feel written English speech. It comes by itself if you read a lot and consciously, retell and analyze what you have read.

Writing. Like in Reading, we’ll be looking at fragments of different texts. But here our task is not to understand them, but to correct them. We may be asked to choose the correct arrangement of commas in a sentence, the correct spelling of words, more correct order of sentence members. We will also be cunning tasks where we need to get into context. What is shsat is all there is to know. They may set the task to change the sequence of semantic units of the text (composition) or find not a grammatical, but a factual error (“Finish the sentence with one of the variants of the answer that most correctly reflects the data of the graph number N” – example).

Math. To pass the mathematical part you need to know the American school curriculum for 12 classes: algebra, the beginning of statistics, the beginning of probability theory, trigonometry, geometry. By and large, nothing new – all this is in the program of the Russian school.

Essay. An essay in the SAT test differs from a more familiar essay or the same essay in the Russian educational system. There will be no abstract topic about which we should express our opinion based on literary sources. We will have a text in front of us. Our task is to evaluate it. We need to focus on how the author argues his point of view and what techniques he uses to create a strong convincing text.

What is the shsat?

According to applicants, SAT is an insidious test. On the one hand, it does not require any specific knowledge, and mathematics looks temptingly simple. On the other hand, the test is very large in volume. As nowhere else, when passing SAT, you need to keep track of time and be able to assess your capabilities sensibly, so as not to waste precious minutes and effort on knowingly failed tasks.

Preparing for the SHSAT test. What is the shsat.

In addition, a lot depends on your English proficiency. What for an American student seems to be a matter of course and natural, for a Russian student – the subject of conscious study. This difficulty is especially evident where stylistics need to be corrected, words and expressions more appropriate to the context, and so on.

To pass SAT successfully, train in two modes. At the same time practice a thoughtful and slow demo version of the test. The other is to have a complete simulation of the exam: enter the answers on printed forms, watch the time, do not look anywhere, do not interrupt the test for more than 20 minutes.

You can prepare for the exam either by yourself, in a course or with a tutor. There are seafood offers on the Internet. The only thing to keep in mind is the relevance of textbooks and teacher certificates. It is important that the textbooks are written after March 2016, and the teachers who teach you have a certificate of professional development due to the modification of the SAT test. What is the shsat my surrender experience.