How to Use Eyebrow Shadows: Make-up Tips

Eyebrow Shadows

Spectacular thick eyebrows are an essential element of fashion make-up. The right shape makes the face expressive and the image complete. Today you can find different eyebrow products in stores, and one of the most popular is shadows.

Make-up trends are fleeting, but beautifully designed eyebrows have been on the make-up artist’s hit list for several years. Many brands have products designed specifically for this area: pencils, markers, fondants, inks and shadows. The latter are ideal for creating a natural shape and a light haze.

How to use eyebrow shadows correctly
Many girls do eyebrow makeup every day. For a natural nude look, choose shades: unlike ink and fondant, they give a softer growling. It is very easy to use eyebrow shadows. Follow the instructions:

First of all, choose the right shade for the shadows. If you are a brunette, your eyebrow shadows should be 1-2 tones lighter. Blondes should take a couple of shades darker for their eyebrows.
Find the base of the eyebrow by drawing an imaginary line through the wing of the nose parallel to its back.
The highest point of the arc will be at the intersection with the eyebrow of the line running from the nose wing through the pupil.
The next line will show where the tip of the eyebrow should be – it goes through the wing of the nose and the outer corner of the eye.
Take an eyebrow brush and scratch the hairs upwards.
Use eyebrow shadows to paint over the tip.
Using as light strokes as possible, trace the lower edge of the eyebrow and grow it up with the same brush.
Fill the body of the eyebrow with eyebrow shadows without touching the base. The beginning of the eyebrow should be much lighter than the bend and tip.
Apply a concealer under the eyebrow and grow.
At the final stage the shape should be fixed with wax, gel or eyebrow ink.
How to use eyebrow shadows with wax correctly
Some brands produce shades complete with eyebrow wax. This is a complete arsenal for creating beautiful make-up. Shadows help fill the eyebrow with color and wax helps to fix the shape.

Make up eyebrow shadows according to the instructions given in the previous paragraph.
Apply wax with a brush in the direction of hair growth.
Remove excess by brushing the eyebrows with a brush.
If you need extra brightness for your eyebrows, take coloured wax.

Best Eyebrow Shadows
Having studied the feedback on eyebrow shadows on the cosmetics market, we chose the best 5 pieces in different price categories.

Eyebrow Shadows

Divage Eyebrow Styling Kit
Divage Eyebrow Styling Kit is a complete make-up kit that includes two shades of pressed powder, a brush and a mirror. The product is easy to apply both dry and wet. The two colours can be mixed to obtain the desired shade.

Pupa Eyebrow Design Set
Italian brand Pupa eyebrow shades are available in three shades – for blondes, brunettes and brooms. The set consists of shades, wax, tweezers and an applicator. The texture of the product is velvety, saturated, easy to lie on the skin and hold for a long time.

Vivienne Sabo Brow Arcade
Double Vivienne Sabo eyebrow shadows are perfect for your daily beauty ritual. They look natural on your face, do not crumble and do not imprint on your eyelids.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Duo
The best eyebrow shadows in the premium Anastasia Beverly Hills segment provide rich colour and are perfectly stewed. Using two shades, you can achieve the effect of voluminous, expressive eyebrows.

Mac Great Brows
The Mac Great Brows Perfect Makeup Kit consists of two natural shades of eyebrow shadows, a highlighter, tassels and a mirror. Professional makeup is inexpensive, but it delivers high-quality results.

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