How to spend your day off

How to spend your day off

“It’s finally the day off!” – thinks most of the population on Friday night. But here comes Saturday, and you don’t know what to do. We have some great ideas for how to spend the weekend with pleasure and enjoyment.

It happens that by the end of the working week there is no more energy left for any activity. The weekend is a great opportunity to “recharge your batteries” and recharge your life. Some people just need to get some sleep and rest. But if you’re full of energy and hungry for adventure, read how to have a good weekend.

Go to a museum
The beauty of museums is that they cover a wide range of hobbies. Art lovers will find art exhibitions with an interest in history – local history museums or exhibitions devoted to important historical events (such as the Battle of Borodino panorama museum). Books will love the houses-museums of famous writers (The State Museum of V.V. Lomonosov). Mayakovsky State Museum, Bulgakov “bad apartment” and others).

Watch a movie
Going to the movies is one of the most popular advice on how to properly spend a day off. On New Year’s holidays and some time after the repertoire of cinemas is mainly built on light comedies, cartoons and blockbusters with large-scale special effects. If you are not a fan of such genres, we advise you to look in your city theater, which shows not the most box office films. You can always watch the movie at home – fortunately, there are many online video services. If you subscribe, you will have access to the world’s newest feature films and series.

Explore the city
On New Year’s Eve, numerous decorations and installations appear in the streets. Why not go for a walk to admire all this beauty? After all, the festive decoration is not removed almost until the end of winter, which means you can extend your New Year’s mood. If you are looking for options how to spend a day off with your child, we offer to go to the New Year Fair, drink a hot dog, skate, buy painted gingerbread and admire the dressed up trees.

Go visit.
Winter is the perfect time for home-cooked meals. If the weather is not conducive to walks, visit friends or invite them to your place. There are many leisure options to choose from. For example, board games – no one will be bored! If your friends have unusual hobbies like collecting vinyl records, you can listen to music and enjoy the wealth of original sound.

Move in .
Not everybody likes to work out in the fitness room, but there are other types of physical activity that will help to spend a good weekend. In the cities there are studios for dancing, yoga, martial arts. Yoga on the canvas has an excellent relaxing effect, and for adrenaline go to the ski slopes.

How to spend a day off with a kid
If you have children, the weekend plan must be comfortable for the whole family. We have collected the top five most interesting options on how to properly spend a weekend with a child:

a walk in the park;
watching a cartoon or a family movie in a movie theater;
a trip to the theater to see a children’s play;
physical activity: trampoline jumping, skating, rollerblading;
visiting a family cafe with children’s animation.
We hope that our list of options for spending a day off with your child will help you enjoy the rest together and recharge your strength before working weekdays.

How to spend a weekend with your parents
Any psychotherapist will tell you that a good relationship with your parents has a beneficial effect on your outlook, builds trust in others and gives you confidence. We have collected useful tips on how to spend the weekend with your parents.

How to spend your day off

Go shopping
And to help parents buy a useful thing for the house. After all, the younger generation is better trained in modern design and technology. So why not try yourself as a consultant for your parents while shopping?

Go to the theater.
It is not difficult for theatres to decide how to spend the weekend with their parents – of course, to go to the play! The older generation often likes classical productions such as “The Cherry Orchard”, “Eugene Onegin”, “The Master and Margarita”. But sometimes parents are open to the new and wouldn’t mind seeing a modern performance. But then with a choice it is necessary to be more careful that not to break into an experimental performance – most likely, parents will not appreciate such.

Rest at home.
If your parents aren’t too easy to get up, you don’t have to try to shake them up. Stay at home together, prepare a delicious dinner, open a bottle of wine and put on a funny comedy or your favorite Soviet movie.

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