How to clean your ears properly: medical advice

How to clean your ears properly

There are a lot of people who like to pick up cotton buds in their ears, but otholaryngologists warn: you can not do this categorically! From our material you will learn why the usual way can be dangerous and how to clean your ears correctly.

The ear is the most important human organ with a unique self-cleaning system. And sulphur, which is so loved to be cleaned with cotton buds, is absolutely necessary for the health of the ears. It protects the ear canal from bacteria, dust and dirt.

When cleaning ears with a cotton bud, dirt can be pushed further into the ear canal. Furthermore, it can sometimes cause damage to the eardrum and hearing loss, otitis, pain and tinnitus, and the formation of sulfur plugs. Otolaryngologists have told us how to properly clean our ears at home.

How to clean your ears with hydrogen peroxide…
An effective and affordable antiseptic – hydrogen peroxide – helps to clean your ears safely. Lie down on your side, soak a cotton swab of peroxide and squeeze out a few drops in your ear. You will feel the fluid hiss and foam – don’t be afraid, it’s normal. Stay in this position for 10-15 minutes, then tilt your head over the sink until the peroxide leaks along with the dirt.

How to properly clean your ears with a stick
We would like to remind you that doctors do not recommend clearing the ear canal of wax. On the other hand, it is very useful to perform external ear hygiene. With a cotton swab moistened in water or antiseptic, gently remove dirt from the ears and the area under the goat.

How to clean your ears properly

How to clean your ears properly with pharmacy drops
In the pharmacy you can buy special products for ear hygiene. They will even help dissolve the sulfur plugs. But before using ear drops, you should consult an otolaryngologist.

How often do you clean your ears
To keep your ears hygienic, you only need to clean them twice a week while bathing in the shower. Simply wash the outer parts of the ear with soapy foam without penetrating the ear canal. The second way is to clean the ears with moist gauze after showering.

How do you properly clean the ears of a person with otitis
At the first suspicion of illness, you should see a doctor immediately. Only he can prescribe adequate treatment. It is strictly forbidden to clean your ears yourself in case of inflammation.

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