How to choose a flower pot: Lifehouses to create an oasis in your home

choose a flower pot

If you carefully consider the details of the interior and take care of the beauty and health of your green friends, this material will be useful to you. Some recommendations which will help to create a cosiness in the house and not to guess with a choice.

The modern market offers the buyer a huge selection of different products for home and garden. A flower pot is not only a necessary thing for household use, but also a beautiful detail of the interior. In fact, choosing the right container for indoor plants is not so easy. First, you need to take into account the features of the plant itself, secondly, to understand the pros and cons of a particular material. If you are ready to go to the nearest shopping mall to find a nice pot or decorative cachepot, this article will be useful to you.

Flowerpots: The main criteria for choosing…
In order not to get lost in the variety of pots presented on long shelves in shopping malls or specialized flower shops, answer the following questions for yourself:

What size should the pot be?
What material should the pot be made of?
What colour should the product be and what should the pot be combined with in the interior?
Floor or hanging pot?
Big and small flower pots
The pots can be almost any size – depending on what plants they are intended for.

For conventional indoor plants, the most commonly used pots are medium sized: 0.4 l; 1 l; 2 l. Such sizes are suitable for growing cyclamen, house orchids, azaleas, begonias, aloes and other popular indoor plants.

The largest pots are usually 3.6 litres in size and are suitable for growing indoor palms, shrubs, ornamental fruit plants and artificial flowers.

Potted clay or plastic
Clay and ceramic pots have both pluses and minuses. For example, they absorb moisture more quickly and retain it for a long time, so this type of pot is not suitable for plants that do not tolerate excess moisture. Mould can form in them, which will lead to rotting of the roots and oxidation of the soil.

In addition, clay or ceramic pots are heavier and more fragile at the same time. This should be considered if there are pets or small children in the house who may accidentally tip over the pot.

choose a flower pot

Plastic pots are unpretentious in maintenance, they come in different shapes, sizes and have a large palette of colors.

Plastic flower pots are mainly used for transplanting indoor plants, but if the product is of high quality, it can be used for a longer time.

Both clay, ceramic and plastic pots usually have pallets in which excess moisture drains.

Choose a tray that suits the shape of the pot: oval for oval, rectangular for rectangular, etc. This approach will help to avoid excess moisture accumulating in and out of the pot.

The height of the pot also depends on the size of the plant. The high pot is suitable for upwardly stretched flowers, ornamental palms, small shrubs, loaches and sprawling plants with powerful leaves.

Color flower pot
Flower pots can come in all sorts of colours and shades, but the most common are brown and black. Matching the pot to the elements of the home interior is becoming more and more popular. You can make a few catchy accents by choosing flower pots of contrasting shades, such as white or cream walls and pots of fuchsia, sea wave, khaki.

Under plants with bright flowers or heterogeneous leaf colour, it is best to choose neutral pots to highlight the features of buds and greens.

Conversely, for a modest plant, a bright pot of unusual colour or shape is the perfect solution.

Floor or hanging flowerpots
Both pots are suitable for artificial plants, depending on their location in the interior. With live flowers, things are a little more complicated. Firstly, it is important to consider the conditions of a particular plant: Some prefer the coolness of a dark corner, which means it is more appropriate to choose a floor pot. Some, on the other hand, like bright sunlight and plenty of fresh air, so that these plants are very comfortable in a hanging pot opposite a window or on a glazed balcony.

Large flower pots can be bought from a garden shop with a wide range of flowers or ordered on a special website by your own measurements. The most important thing to consider when choosing a flower pot is the most comfortable placement of the plant, where its stems do not touch the walls of the pot in the root area.

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