How to arrange the furniture in the apartment: the best seashells

How to arrange the furniture in the apartment

Many dream of a beautiful and functional interior. To create one is not an easy, but very exciting task. We have collected excellent recommendations for placement of furniture for those who want to make their living space as cozy as possible.

If you’re not an interior designer, you’ll probably find room furnishing to be the most challenging quest. How correctly to arrange furniture in an apartment to really feel at home – we answer in this material.

How to arrange the furniture in a studio apartment.
The main purpose when arranging furniture in a studio apartment is to maximize the use of space. There are several effective methods for this.

As the room combines several functions, it is useful to engage in zoning. Ideal for this are a shelf, bar or kitchen island, wardrobe, sofa with a high backrest. They will act as partitions.
There should be no useless zones in one niche, so fill any niche with functional items such as shelves, racks, tables.
A real find when arranging furniture in a one-room apartment – things-transformers. Rational use of living space will allow you to sliding sofa, armchair that turns into a sleeping place, folding bed, secreter.
A well-known reception in the interior of small rooms – mirrors and glass surfaces, which visually extend the space.
For an interior of a one-room apartment the furniture hiding cavities for storage will perfectly approach: poufs, beds, banquets, curbstones.
How to arrange furniture in a two-room apartment
A one-bedroom apartment opens up a good space for experimentation. But everyone knows that the more freedom you have, the harder it is to make a choice. Here are some useful tips for arranging furniture in a two-room apartment.

Draw up a furniture plan. This will systematize your ideas and help you use the space of the rooms in the most resourceful way.
Choose the furniture according to the size of the room. Do not clutter up a small space with large objects.
The smaller the floor space, the more multifunctional items you need to reduce the amount of furniture.
When arranging furniture in an apartment, do not block the window openings.
Objects should be placed at a decent distance so as not to interfere with free movement.
You can create a comfortable living room layout by placing a central object in the middle and placing the rest relative to it in a circle or asymmetrically. It can be a table, sofa or a set of upholstered furniture.
In the bedroom, place the bed according to the size of the room. If the bed is double, place sconces or desk lamps on both sides of the bed. Also take care of storage space for clothes, shoes, bed linen and other things.

How to arrange the furniture in the apartment

How to arrange the furniture in a studio apartment
When planning the placement of furniture in the studio, you need to be as rational as possible. First of all, choose the really necessary items, and each section of the apartment has a specific function.

When installing the kitchen unit, make sure that you move comfortably between the sink, fridge and stove. They must be positioned according to the working triangle rule.
Place a sliding sofa in the rest area to turn it into a full-fledged sleeping place. Let it be equipped with wide armrests that can be used as bedside tables.
If your studio does not fit all the necessary storage areas, place them in the bathroom.
Choose a sliding table. A small tabletop will suffice for one person or couple and can be laid out before guests arrive.
In the hallway, place a small shoe rack, hanger and storage box. If the area allows, you can put a wardrobe.

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