Emphasize the waist: how to tie the belt properly and beautifully.

how to tie the belt properly and beautifully

The belt is not only comfortable, but also a beautiful accessory for women’s wardrobe. In this material there are some useful recommendations for those who want to look stylish without too much trouble.

The trend is still shapeless: overseas jackets, shirt dresses, voluminous sweaters and much more. Of course, even in free things can look feminine and comfortable, and help in this correctly selected accessories. So, we tell you how to properly, beautifully and comfortably tie the belt to make the outfit look harmonious.

How to tie the belt correctly
The belt sometimes comes complete with an item of clothing, such as a dress or jacket, but you can not only buy this accessory separately, but also make it out of thin silk scarf, ribbon and other handy materials.

The main points that are important to consider when tying a belt:

The belt should not overtighten your clothes: they may have noticeable creases that spoil your appearance.
Leave loose ends as long as possible to make the outfit look attractive.
Some belts have a special ring or plaque that makes the process much easier. To properly tie a belt to such a part, you must follow these steps:
wrap the belt around your waist;
extend one end through the clamp located on the other side;
tighten the belt, if necessary, by wrapping it a few more times around the retainer;
the loose end can be tied with a loose knot or tucked over the edge.
How to tie a belt beautifully on a dress
Waist on many dresses is at different levels depending on the cut of a particular product. Wide shirt type dresses can be absolutely straight and, for example, the baby-doll style often has an overstated waist. In order to visually make the silhouette more refined and stretched out, it is enough to tie the belt correctly.

Here are some tricks to help beat the image.

Tie the belt on the dress just above the expected waist, if you want to emphasize the chest and décolleté zone.
To lengthen the body, tie the belt just below the waist, leave the ends free.
The belt tied with a bow will add volume, so be careful.
To diversify the monochrome range, use a contrasting belt. For example, for a white dress, choose dark or bright belts, which will be much more visible than pastel shades.
If your dress has a bright print, choose a monochrome belt. So, for a black and white striped dress you can choose black or white belt respectively.

How to tie a stylish bow on a dress belt
If we are talking about an everyday dress in the office dress code, the bow should not be too bulky.

The optimal solution is a monochrome dress and a fabric belt in the right shade. The most common colors that visually make the figure slimmer: black, dark blue, brown, graphite, burgundy.

How to tie a bow on the belt of the dress step by step:
wrap the belt around your waist;
cross the ends and tighten it with a knot;
pick up the ends, fold and cross each other to get a bow – the tighter you tighten the ends of the belt, the more lush the bow will be;
to get a small bow, leave the ends free, but carefully fix the middle, so that the belt is held firmly.
Another stylish way – a bow at the back: wrap the belt around your waist and tie a bow on your back. By the way, one simple but effective lifejack: to keep the bow unbuttoned, tie the core of the bow with an English pin on the inside.

How to properly and beautifully tie a long belt on a dress
Beautiful and original alternative to the ossified bow – tie-kanat. For this you will need a long wide belt or 2 thin scarves of different colors.

how to tie the belt properly and beautifully

In the case of an ordinary belt, do as follows:

wrap the belt around your waist;
bind the ends of the belt together, starting from the knot at the waist;
to fix the result, use a thread of the appropriate color or an English pin.
To tie the belt with a two-piece rope, take two thin scarves, do the following step by step:

tie the ends of both scarves together;
bind the two scarves together and wrap the resulting belt around your waist;
Bind the two loose ends of the waist also by rope weaving, fastening them at the bottom with a pin or threading them under the color.
Tie thin and short belts with a simple knot, trying to leave the ends free and on the same level: this visually harmonizes the whole image.

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