A fresh dream: how to properly wash the pillows.

 how to properly wash the pillows

We share simple and effective tips on how to wash a pillow in the washing machine and on your hands.

How do you wash different pillow fillings? Fountain or down – a detailed guide that will tell you about the features of each type.

How to wash pillows in a washing machine: different types of pillows
How to wash fountain cushions in a vending machine
First, remove the individual cover and put on a pillow a special cover for delicate washing or a regular white pillowcase. Make sure that the laundry covers are well closed, otherwise feathers will fly out of the filler. It is best to wash two pillows at once so that they do not wrinkle.

Choose the most delicate mode and the temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. You can set the extra rinse mode. If you wash one pillow, add a few towels to the drum to keep the machine running smoothly.

When the cycle is complete, whisk the pillow or put it in the dryer. Set the drying mode to a minimum. Put 2-3 tennis balls in addition to the pillow. This way you keep it fluffy and prevent it from getting knocked down into lumps. Stop the drying every 15 minutes and beat the pillow.

If you do not want to dry the pillow in the machine, just leave the bedding outdoors or on white paper next to the battery.

Before using the pillow, make sure that the feathers are dry. Otherwise, over time they will start to smell of mold and fungus.

How to wash an orthopedic bamboo pillow
Many people are happy to use orthopedic bamboo cushions, but not everyone knows how to properly wash such filler. Remember first – bamboo bags with memory foam effect cannot be washed in the washing machine. Any washing cycle will kill the thing – it will lose its shape or even fall to pieces.

Before hand washing, remove the pillow case and gently soak the filling with warm water. Avoid hot or cold water. Then pour a small amount of mild and gentle bleach-free detergent into a separate container and mix it with slightly warm water.

Next, gently rub the detergent mixture into the pillow filling. Rinse off the foam with warm water afterwards. Press the pillow gently to make sure you have washed the foam well.

Do not use too much soap or water when washing, otherwise you may find it difficult to rinse and dry the pillow.

Dry the pillow outdoors or in a room. Make sure the pillow is completely dry before use. The slightest dampness will cause mold and fungus to form.

How to properly wash a pillow from a hollofiber.
Cushions with synthetic filler, including hollofiber, can be washed both in the machine and by hand.

Laundry in a typewriter. Synthetic pillows can be washed using a normal washing cycle. To clean the filler well, wash it in hot water with a mild detergent. Aggressive detergents can damage polyester and cotton fabrics.

Hand wash. For hand washing, you will need a basin, hot water and a liquid mild detergent. Take the pillow and immerse it in soapy water. After 15 minutes, rub the surface with a soft brush and then rinse the filler thoroughly.

 how to properly wash the pillows

Lifehak, which will help to wash the pillows less frequently. Buy a pillow protector that will protect the pillow from stains and dust. Looks like a regular pillowcase with a zip fastener.

How to wash down pillows
Preparing for laundry:

Wash two pillows each. This way you can balance the load during the spin cycle.
To wash, use warm water to keep the shape of the pillow.
Adjust the maximum spin speed so that as much moisture as possible evaporates.
Switch on the additional rinse mode.
Inspect the pillows for cracks and tears. Damaged pillows should be sewn before machine washing.
If you want to get rid of individual stains, apply mild soap to the fabric and rub it with a toothbrush.
Laundry process:

Put the pillows in the machine. Do not load more than two pillows, or they will not wash well.

Pour the detergent directly into the drum.

Wash the bedding in delicate mode.

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